About Us

We are considered one of the best civil engineering firms in NY, NJ, and PA because of our distinguished reputation for technical and management expertise, our ability to utilize novel approaches and technologies to tackle challenging projects, and our commitment to providing exceptional and personalized service to each client efficiently, effectively, and within budget.

Best Civil Engineering Firm in Bergen County

Since our founding in 1990, Costa Engineering Corporation has established itself as a reliable provider of professional engineering services to both public and private sector clients. The company has a strong foundation in all areas of engineering, and uses innovative approaches and technologies to deliver high-quality consulting, design, construction management, and project management services. Our team is committed to providing personalized, exceptional service to each client while maintaining efficiency and staying within budget. 

Our reputation is built on the success of our projects, which range from surveys and reports to design assignments and construction supervision. Costa Engineering Corporation’s mission is to offer top-quality service, design, solutions, and respect to clients and industry colleagues, and to improve the quality of life through engineering excellence. Our vision is to provide excellent consultancy services that exceed client expectations and are recognized globally, through the adoption of optimal engineering methodologies, effective corporate communication, and proactive planning.

Mission Statement

Costa Engineering Corporation is dedicated to providing our clients and industry colleagues, with top-quality service, design, solutions, and respect. We maintain a high standard of achievement and conduct through excellence in the work performed for the public good while promoting integrity and dependability in our relationships. In association with our clients and colleagues, our goal is to improve the quality of life through engineering excellence.

"Costa Engineering Corporation delivered outstanding results on our big project. Their team was professional, efficient and delivered the project on time and within budget. Their attention to detail and problem-solving skills were exceptional. We highly recommend them for any civil engineering needs."
Gerald Clark
"Our recent project was a resounding success thanks to the expertise of Costa Engineering Corporation. Their team of professionals were outstanding in their professionalism, efficiency and knowledge throughout the project. They delivered high-quality results, on schedule and without exceeding budget. We would highly recommend their team for all your civil engineering needs."
Barbara Chen